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Best Christian Book

Have you ever wondered what the very best Christian book is? Which book by a Christian author should be on everyone's bookshelf? Well, I haven't read them all so I can't answer that! However, I can recommend the best Christian book that I have personally read.

It's called How Close Are We? Compelling Evidence for the Soon Return of Christ and it's written by the late Dave Hunt who founded The Berean Call. At first, the title may sound a bit fishy, like it's one of those books trying to narrow down a date of Christ's return in order to get some temporary fame. In fact (and I'm trying not to give too much away here), as you read through the book you start to wonder what all this great information has to do with the immanency of the rapture or the second coming! But stick with it and you'll realize just how relevant it all is.

Dave Hunt expertly covers significant Bible prophecies, such as explaining the prophecies in Daniel 9 and the exact date that Jesus Christ would ride into Jerusalem (April 6th, A.D. 32 by the way). Hunt also explains why we should forget about "Good Friday" since Jesus was crucified on a Thursday, and much more!

Buy the book and share it with friends: How Close Are We?


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