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Non-Essential Freedom Rally

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

This past weekend there were numerous freedom-loving rallies in Southern California. Most notably there was a massive rally in Huntington Beach with a lot of big names giving short speeches, and a huge car rally that went from Orange County to San Diego and back. Trump flags were everywhere! I've never seen such enthusiasm for a president in my lifetime, and actually, nothing has come even close to this.

We know the democrats will commit election fraud all over the nation, but we'll see soon how prolific that is. If there was no cheating then I think Trump would win by a massive landslide.

Another rally this weekend took place in Temecula and also had a host of speakers that were primarily concerned with the persecution of the church. This was the "Non-Essential Freedom Rally." Some churches here in SoCal are facing massive fines from local governments simply for being open, and this insanity seems to be getting worse.

Here's the full video of the press conference:

At this rally, Pastor Tim Thompson from 'Our Watch Now' and '412 Church Murrieta', said some very important things. He said, "Pastors, if you haven't opened should find another job." He's absolutely correct, and Pastor Tim has been one of the few good Pastors with the courage to actually walk the walk when it comes to standing on the Word of God. I met him briefly at the San Clemente baptism I posted about a while back.

If your church recommends mask-wearing or socialist distancing, I would strongly advise against attending that church any longer. They will not have the courage to stand when persecution gets worse.

Check out the Facebook page of 1 Church United:


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