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Christianity, Masks, and the Vax

I have noticed (and I'm sure you have as well) a very strong correlation between the fearful drones controlled by media propaganda, and a lack of faith in God. On the other side we have people who genuinely follow Jesus Christ, and who have not spent the past year+ hiding in their basement showering in hand sanitizer. They are not the same.

Whenever I see someone walking around outside with a mask on, or wearing one in their car, that tells me they are not saved and they need to hear the gospel. There is no reason to live in fear.

In fact, for many people the mask-wearing has quickly become a way for atheist liberals (but I repeat myself) to signal to the world that they hold to radical Left-wing views. The mask is sort of like a red MAGA hat but for the Left. They want you to know where they stand.

While there are certainly non-Christians who haven't bought in to the contrived media hysteria over this fake pandemic, I truly doubt if there are any saved people who have! Any church that has enforced masks or socialist distancing has exposed itself as a mere social club, and is certainly not a congregation of believers.

Do you fear God, or do you fear everything the TV tells you to fear? Are you led by God and His Word, or by every wicked deception from evil men?


The experimental gene-altering COVID shot is being pushed like no other medical procedure I've ever seen. All sorts of universally unhealthy bribes are being offered for allowing this poison to be injected into your body, ranging from donuts to beer and even marijuana. Yet they tell us this shot is for our "health." What a demented joke.

Please read & share the attached peer-reviewed study, and let's keep our friends and family safe from this poisonous COVID shot.

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