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Drunk on Comfort

The following text message is from a good friend and γνησιω brother in Christ. We were talking via text message and I said to him, "If Biden wins [pulls off the biggest election fraud in history] it will be full blown communism within a couple years or less. Guns gone, church illegal..."

Here was his response:

You’re 100% correct. But At the end of the day, God is in control, and His will be done not mine. Part of me thinks America is heading to judgment. God has blessed us so abundantly because we based our nation on Christian principles and stated 'one nation under God', but our church has become drunk on comfort. We have allowed culture to change us rather than vice versa. And God will do what is necessary to wake his people from the slumber. To live is Christ and die is gain. I was depressed when I woke up today, and God put it in my heart to praise him today and to trust him today. Praise God especially on the midst of uncertainty and danger. God is good, and we are living for something far greater than this world, we belong to a kingdom far greater than any human kingdom. One world Communist government is on the doorsteps of history, and yet I will fear not, but I will praise God for the opportunity to stand strong for him. One day every head will bow. We are victorious because Christ is victorious! Halleluyah!

Can I get an "Amen"?!

Perhaps the United States is headed for judgment. If that is so, then we absolutely have earned it and God doesn't make mistakes. The church has been drunk on comfort and has been satisfied in the lukewarm feel-good messages that characterize American preaching. Suddenly everyone wonders what's in the book of Revelation, the αποκαλυψις, and we realize that we were hungry for church bagels, donuts, and watered-down coffee, but did not thirst after the Word.

Is the American church the thing that comes to mind when we read the words of Jesus who said that the gates of hell will not prevail against it? We shrunk into our Sunday social circles, when we should have been out on the streets, in courtrooms, on TV & radio, proclaiming, "Repent! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!"

The church compromised, and we're beginning to experience the outcome of that fatal error.

But God always takes care of the remnant of believers that trust in Him. He will never leave you or forsake you.

While most pastors are hiding in their basements like Biden, or have fully adopted the sins of the world, many in the church are rising up to do what should been happening all along. My friend quoted above will be starting a new church, a First Century church in Spring of 2021, and many other believers are taking action in the name of Christ as well. It's time to get off the fence! The church MUST gather!


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