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Free Theology Journal

The Baptist Center for Theology & Ministry publishes a bi-annual technical journal consisting of research articles and reviews. This is an excellent resource providing in-depth study of various topics related to Bible doctrine and Christianity.

One article that I'd like to briefly highlight here is from the Spring issue of 2019 and it is titled, Romans 9 and the Calvinist Doctrine of Reprobation by Eric Hankins. Dr. Hankins does an excellent job at showing how unnecessary Calvinistic theology is, and its lack of support in Romans 9. Here's a quote from the article:

Therefore, if there are no biblically explicit reasons to affirm reprobation, it should be gladly and quickly rejected. The burden is on Calvinist theologians to assemble significant and unassailable biblical support for reprobation because it runs against the grain of what the Bible clearly teaches about God’s character and purposes, and because it is philosophically impossible both to affirm reprobation and deny that God causes evil.

Sometimes when we read scripture, we get stuck on the verse distinctions forgetting that chapters and verses were not included until the 13th and 16th centuries. Reading one or several verses in Romans 9 might give us a false idea of what Paul is really saying in his single letter to the believers in Rome. Context counts.


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