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Get On Gab!

Now that the United States has fallen from within to communism, free speech is being heavily attacked. Due to the heavy censorship and privacy-violating, data-selling practices of Instagram, we have created an account on Gab and will be deleting Instagram very soon.

What is Gab? is a free speech (true free speech) social network similar to Twitter, but with much better features than Twitter. They have spent the last 4.5 years battling big tech and overcoming censorship from webhosts, app stores, and everything else. If any social network will outlast the rest, it's Gab. Read about Gab's CEO and founder here. Pretty impressive for a 30-year-old.

Because of the complete censorship against them, they don't have an app, but there are several workarounds to have Gab readily usable on your smart phone. The first is detailed here. The second is to do what I did and download a different browser on your phone (like DuckDuckGo) and keep it dedicated for Gab. The only thing you won't get is notifications, but most of us probably look at our phone too much anyway.

So please follow us on Gab for frequent updates!


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