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New Website and First Post!

Thank you for visiting and welcome to Titus Ministries! I am very excited about this ministry and helping people connect with fellow believers in a NATURAL way with normal person-to-person contact and in-person Bible studies. I'm saddened and appalled at the lack of courage from most churches and pastors during this PLANdemic and would have expected a firmer stand on the Word of God rather than yielding to the ever-changing opinions and demands of anti-Christian government officials.

The bottom line is that there is no pandemic exception to Scripture (even if we were in an actual pandemic). We are required to meet together to worship God and to exhort one another. It is the pastor and or elders of a church (depending on the church's structure) that are the sole authority over whether the building is open and holding services or not. Had churches collectively stood together for their God-given, and constitutionally guaranteed right to gather and worship, the governor would have likely backed down and we'd be holding full and normal church services today.

However, in countries where there is ongoing persecution and oppression of Christianity, the people are typically so dedicated to the Faith that they will gather anyway whether it's their job or very life that is at stake. That need to gather is a big part of the motivation for Titus Ministries. I pray that you will support this mission and join us for Bible study here in Orange County, CA.


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