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Preterism Stands on Sand

I know that dissertations are famously not the most exciting reading material, but the one I have linked below does a truly outstanding job at proving the late date for the book of Revelation.

Why is this important??

This is important because all varieties of preterist eschatological interpretation of Revelation are based on the necessity for the book to be written before A. D. 70. If your entire understanding of eschatology is dependent on the date of a particular book, it automatically stands on shaky ground.

Furthermore, there is simply no biblical basis for applying the events of the Apocalypse to the destruction of the Jewish temple in A.D. 70., and the dissertation covers much of this as well.

Premillennialism (the dominant view of the early church, and the clear reading of Scripture) is the only millennial system of eschatology that isn't dependent on the date of John's writing of Revelation. However, the overabundance of evidence plants the date of Revelation firmly in the mid-90's, thereby showing none of it has to do with a past event regarding the Jewish temple.

I highly recommend this read.

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