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Prison for Jesus? B.C. Bans Church!

"The blood of the Martyrs is the seed of the Church." - Tertullian

It's a very good time right now to make the decision with yourself if you are willing to go to prison for Jesus Christ. You may be faced with that sooner than you think. In the Canadian province of British Columbia, they have banned church gatherings "indefinitely" and given huge fines to churches that have tried to open.

Out of over 5 million people, B.C. has only seen an alleged 1259 COVID deaths (almost all of which were in nursing homes). This is obviously NOT about a virus.

Be reminded that tens of millions of Christians have been killed for their faith since the time of Jesus. Early Christians were killed by Rome and tortured in horrifying fashion because they would not bend the knee to Caesar. They proclaimed "Jesus is the King of Kings" which was considered intolerable treason by Caesar. They could have freely worshipped however they wanted as long as they said that Caesar was Lord, but they dare not offend the true Lord of all. What would YOU have done? What will you do?

Christianity is inherently rebellious to tyrants and those in power.

This is a good time to memorize Scripture, and memorize the old hymns, in case you find yourself behind bars someday for:

Refusing to bend the knee

to the powers-that-be

in what used to be

the "Land of the Free."


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