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Resist Government Tyranny

The following article is from the excellent organization, We had the opportunity to interview their president, Randy Thomasson, on our podcast a short while back and it is an excellent fact-filled episode you should check out!

Were you raised to obey the law?

It started with our parents' God-given authority. Then, our "obey the rules" ethic extended to our relationships with siblings and friends. Finally, our code of ethics was lived out in our community, influencing our behavior at school, while shopping, even while interacting with police.

Yet, whether we developed a default of obeying or disobeying the law in our youth, today we need to remind each other what the "law" really is, why only real laws should be obeyed, and why tyrannical laws need to be disobeyed. Because ignorance of this brings death to a constitutional republic.

What the law really is: Remember, the "law" is not what is said or written by a politician, judge, or unelected bureaucrat. No, the law is ONLY what is WRITTEN when there's a MAJORITY VOTE of legislators to PASS a bill, before it is SIGNED INTO LAW by a governor or president. This slow, deliberate, obstacle-laden process is designed to make it hard for the government to order you to do something new. Because laws are this powerful, we ought to resist fake laws every time.

Only obey real laws: To obey officials who do not accurately quote or faithfully represent the law is to engage in illegality and unconstitutionality yourself. Only real laws should be obeyed. For, if we obey fake "laws," we're promoting falsehood and tyranny, and becoming more fake ourselves. Worse, we're empowering unconstitutional tyrants when we obey their non-law "orders" and "guidance." Promoting lies like this hurts our characters and hurts everybody else with more craziness, tyranny, and destruction.

Civil disobedience is a Christian virtue: In the Bible, true Christians obeyed their true king, Jesus Christ, even if it meant disobeying the commands of earthly rulers. From the Hebrew midwives, to Rahab, to Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, to the Wise Men, to Jesus Christ Himself, to Peter and John, and to future believers who'll refuse the Mark of the Beast, civil disobedience is required whenever government compels evil, or issues commands that conflict with God’s laws. has correctly said that bad Covid-related commands violate your God-given liberties. Because the attacks on the rights that Creator God gave to all humans has dipped that low. Do you see how the dehumanizing edicts of the Liberal Left trample your God-given liberties to work, earn, own, buy, travel, recreate, and even assemble together with other believers? What's more, we have the God-given right to resist our bad "public servants," especially since, We the People, are the government. Therefore, we are the rightful owners, and our "servants" are the thieves, who are stealing our liberties.

Let's love Jesus Christ and our neighbors by boldly resisting lockdown tyranny, which collides with what God wants for us and has designed for us. Fully reopen your small business, church building, or school. Be willing to endure temporary pain in order to achieve future gain, both personally and societally.


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