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Taliban and Liberal "Christians"

Remember when our nation's "leaders" from Andrew Cuomo of New York, to Gavin Newsom of California shut down churches under the false pretense of fighting COVID? Meanwhile, these communist politicians stood with the BLM terrorists when they gathered in the thousands to burn down cities and attack people nationwide.

Anyway, when churches were ordered to shut down, and Gavin Newsom demanded that churches cease worship and singing, many liberals who erroneously called themselves Christians crawled out of the woodwork to applaud Newsom's tyranny and persecution citing their gross misunderstanding of Romans 13. Numerous false Christians said that sincere Christians should comply fully with the targeted anti-Christian actions of these power-hungry politicians.

Meanwhile -- in the Bible -- when the apostles were imprisoned and tortured and threatened to never speak of Jesus again or gather in His name, they boldly and defiantly said, "For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard." And in the next chapter, "And daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ."

So now that the illegitimate American communist regime has pulled out of Afghanistan, abandoning thousands of U.S. citizens, and spending $500 million of YOUR tax dollars on flying the alleged terrorists we were at war with for 20 years to your neighborhood, we are seeing a different response from all those false Christians who supported church shutdowns.

The Taliban has taken back Afghanistan, practically overnight, and they are reinstituting all their usual rules and regulations. For example, according to some reports "There are already posters appearing that if you have single girls, 15 years old, you have to marry them to Taliban soldiers." Many other reports tell of Christians being beheaded or even crucified under the revived Taliban Sharia rule.

So where are all those false Christians with their arrogant upturned noses encouraging people in Afghanistan to surrender their daughters? Where are all those false Christians urging Afghan believers to convert to Islam since it's now the law? They are all strangely silent.

It should be clear by now that those liberal "Christians" are only parroting what their liberal gods on CNN tell them to think. They don't follow Scripture, they follow the world. No matter what the world does, Scripture must remain our sole authority.


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