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Visit to HB Church

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Edit: They recently promoted TGC and Tim Keller, which is very disappointing.

On Sunday, August 8th, we didn't meet for our usual Bible study, so I instead drove up to Huntington Beach and went with some friends to their church: HB Church.

It's a nice building on a busy road with friendly greeters, and overall it was a very pleasant experience!

The worship is what I would call "standard" and it didn't have the flash that some churches have. There weren't any pyrotechnics, strobe lights, fog machines, or any of of that. It was just good Christian music with familiar songs. Straightforward genuine worship.

I briefly met Pastor Jason Robertson, who seems like a passionate and enthusiastic preacher of God's Word. He was very friendly and welcoming.

The sermon was excellent, and that is really what I want to highlight with this post. Please watch below!


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