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American Sinfulness & God's Response

I have read a lot of social media posts lately by people of the Qanon variety who make the claim that God will not allow Biden and his gang of communists to rule our country. The actions of this fraudulent administration, and the actions they propose, along with all that they represent, are “too wicked to be allowed by God” is the common reasoning.

Not to be rude, but these people haven’t read the Bible or even a history book.

Why would America NOT incur the wrath of God? Why would He NOT give us over unto our vile affections? Has our country been so holy and zealous for following Christ these past 50 years? Quite the opposite I would say.

Throughout the Old Testament we see God judging various nations for their idolatry and general sinfulness. Sodom & Gomorrah were completely destroyed, and Jesus said in Matthew 10 that whatever city rejects the message of the apostles will be worse off than Sodom & Gomorrah (Matthew 10:15)!

In the United States today we have only 2% of millennials that hold to a Biblical worldview.

This is not a Christian nation.

In the United States today more than 3,000 babies are butchered daily, and 22% of all pregnancies end in murder of the baby, largely in the name of “convenience.” Hilary Clinton (on a recent podcast with Nancy Pelosi) said that her pro-abortion advocacy is to help kids “live up to his or her God-given potential.” These are the people that rule over us.

This is not a Christian nation.

We have countless "pastors" advocating for blatantly anti-Christian & worldly views such as abortion, sexual deviancy, BLM terrorism, and everything else under the sun that is clearly wicked.

Everything wholesome is condemned, and everything wicked and sinful is praised. Just turn on your TV and this will be obvious.

We are not a Christian nation, and are rapidly heading away from the Biblical truth. As a nation we may cry for help, but there is no sorrow, no repentance, no seeking after Jesus Christ. Read the book of Judges, and the parallels with our present time will be obvious.

However, God is always aware of His remnant, and we should trust in His mercy and love as well as in His judgment. He will judge perfectly, and in His proper time.


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