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California's Tyrant Governor

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

As most of you know by now, California's power-drunk wannabe king Gavin Newsom continues to play political games using COVID as his excuse. He has demanded that all small businesses and churches shut their doors until further notice. About a week ago, Newsom demanded that churches stop singing together as a congregation. This is overt evil, and a direct attack on Christianity. I truly feel sorry for the people who still think this is about a virus and we need to be praying that their eyes will be opened.

Any church that would tell its congregation not to worship, and any church that would shut its doors because of Newsom, is not a church at all. We answer to God and Him alone.

With that said, some churches need our recognition and support for having the courage to stand of the Word of God rather than caving to the demands of wicked anti-Christian politicians. The following churches in SoCal have stood their ground through all of this, and made it clear that they serve God and not man:

A church that deserves honorable mention is Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano. They DID shut their doors while continuing to have outdoor gatherings through all of this, but are meeting indoors on Wednesday nights. They pastor just announced they will not be shutting down because of Newsom's recent demand.

It could not be more clear that these unconstitutional and anti-Christian "orders" should not be followed. The church has been largely silent through all of this and it is heartbreaking to see. If the church--all Christians--would stand up with one voice and say, "Enough!" this would be over in a day. But cowardice and complacency has crept in churches statewide and done terrible damage to the gospel mission.


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