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Get on GabPay and Ditch PayPal

PayPal (which owns Venmo and both are owned by eBay) is notorious for censoring and cancelling accounts of people and organizations that don't bow down to their obscene woke commie liberalism. They are unashamedly against everything good, moral, & Christian. You can read more about them here.

Fortunately there is now a useable alternative that doesn't discriminate against people for having normal, traditional opinions: GabPay

GabPay was developed by the free speech team at and it looks very promising. In fact, I hope this overtakes PayPal & Venmo eventually! It has taken them a very long time to develop this (regulations, coding, bank connections etc.), and it needs participation to succeed.

Sign up is easy, but getting connected with your bank might be a little tricky. Fortunately there are some videos to help out. I got my bank connected and verified all in the same day so it's actually pretty quick. Here are the how-to videos explaining the setup and some of the features of GabPay:

GabPay is very privacy focused and you can select to send money anonymously if you like! Sign up and check out some of its unique features.

Once you're in, feel free to test it out by sending me a few bucks! Scan the QR code below if you feel so inclined:


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