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Just the Facts: Latest COVID Info is an excellent non-profit organization (I did a podcast with their founder, Randy Thomasson: TM Podcast ) with a plethora of great resources and information on the website.

The following links are from their latest e-mail newsletter that I highly recommend you subscribe to. My comments are in brackets [ ]:


Our "public health authorities" have gotten so many things wrong. In regards to lockdowns, so-called "vaccines," and face masks, here's what's true and a reminder of what doesn't work:

[I would disagree that the "public health authorities" got things wrong, but for the most part have known fully the tyranny they are pushing on citizens to further the goals of the communist Left. When the cameras are off it's all smiles and handshakes between them.]

[Just as they intended.]

And the widely-used PCR test didn't work either:

[Which they knew when they started using it.]

And the vaccines apparently aren't working either:

[The jab is "working" in the sense of driving tremendous profits for Big Pharma and causing people to frequently suffer serious health problems, including death, from taking this shot of poison.]

What's more, cloth and paper face masks don't work either, but are counter-productive:

[The health effects--especially for children--of wearing face diapers all day long will be devastating]

And children aren't affected by Covid (they don't get sick and don't spread it to others):


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