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How Much Alcohol is Acceptable?

The issue of drinking is often debated among Christians citing numerous Bible verses that talk about wine. Click here for a search on the topic at BibleGateway. Some Christians say that believers should never have alcohol, and the other extreme makes podcasts about cigars, whiskey, with a sprinkling of Bible verses thrown in for good measure! So what is the accurate, Biblical position?

Well, here's the thing. As Christians, we often ask these kinds of questions to see how close to "the line" we are able to dance and still be a "good Christian." We want to follow Christ (η οδος) but also want to have as many tasty treats the world has to offer at the same time.

I think we're asking the wrong questions.

Instead of asking, "how much alcohol is acceptable?", we should be wanting to know how we can have a closer walk with Christ. We should be asking questions that lead us further away from that line! We should be looking to live a life more devoted to the Most High.

Each of us needs to experience a life that glorifies God, and we need to do whatever it takes to head in that direction.


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