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More Tyranny on the Way

There are far too many news stories lately about all the insanity and wickedness taking place in the world, but I wanted to highlight two of them in this post as an example for what is soon coming our way.

The first is about California, and the state's plan for "vaccine passes" that will be necessary to go about every day life. First it was "no mask, no service" and soon it will be "no vaccine, no service." This means continued massive profits for big pharma, as well as incredible control over our lives. The enemy wants us tracked, chipped, and forced into submission. Fortunately for Christians, we have already bent the knee to our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, which means the decisions we'll have to make in the coming year will be easy, although painful.

The second news story is about Delta's CEO stating that all new employees will need to be vaccinated in order to apply. The CEO of United Airlines has said the same thing. This is just the beginning, and you can be assured that this will become the norm for most companies. Are you ready to lose your job for not vaccinating? Do you have a plan for when this happens?

Christians should have been forming communities of believers to help each other over the past decades, but now that need is urgent. We may need to sacrifice a lot in order to help each other out during these evil times we live in.


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