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New Podcast!

As if the Podcast arena wasn't already hyper-saturated with content, I've added one more to the mix! Hopefully by the time this scheduled post goes live, there will be several short episodes of Titus Ministries podcast available.

This may or may not go as planned, but for now the goal is to upload fairly short podcast episodes dealing with a wide range of topics and helping to promote our Bible studies in Orange County as well as encourage other people to start their own home fellowships. Hopefully we can do some interviews as the show progresses!

As we've been saying all along, it is critical that the church gather no matter what, and we will continue to fight back against the persecution of Christianity here in Commie California.

Πειθαρχειν δει θεω μαλλον η ανθρωποις!

Christian podcast
Christian podcast


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