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Pre-Wrath Eschatology?

In Biblical eschatology, a great deal of understanding hinges on the timing of the rapture. Where one places that great event is typically indicative of how one will interpret much of Revelation.

In our Laguna Niguel Bible study, as we've been going verse by verse through Revelation, we are discussing these different rapture views as well as the likely arrangements of the 7 seals/trumpets/vials (bowls). Besides the well-known pre-tribulation and post-tribulation theories, there's the lesser well-known view called "pre-wrath."

The pre-wrath view places the rapture somewhere in the second half of the 7-year end times period, also known as Daniel's 70th week.

The video below covers this view, and while I may not agree with it all (I haven't yet finished watching it all), it does bring up some very interesting points.

Check it out!


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