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Saturday Rally in San Clemente

This Saturday, October 3rd, there was a HUGE freedom/Trump rally in downtown San Clemente that started at the pier and went up Del Mar. A lot of famous speakers were there and people that have been fighting the unconstitutional lockdowns since the beginning! Unfortunately I couldn't make it but from all accounts it was an excellent event.

Why is this important?

These pro-freedom rallies are important to encourage people to know that they aren't alone. Most of these people are Christians or at least supportive of the Church's necessity to meet and gather. I encourage everyone to attend these events and attend as many as possible to show our strength and disgust with tyranny. These are also good events to bring your Bible with you and possibly meet others to schedule a Bible study together!

Also, these events are an opportunity to be close with other people that are not wearing silly muzzles on their faces, and it is so important for people to have the simple pleasure of seeing smiling faces. As a side note, the BLM rallies/riots are always filled with angry people that are without hope for their life, so they try and tear down others.

Save California has an excellent action page that lists upcoming events and is a great resource for patriots and Christians. I hope to be interviewing the president of Save California, Randy Thomasson, on the Titus Ministries podcast very soon!


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