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Events This Weekend!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

UPDATE! The San Clemente beach baptism will now begin at the San Clemente outlets at 10am then move to North Beach for baptism!

It is very important, considering the time we are living in, to support local churches and local Christian events. I've been informed of a Baptism that will happen this Saturday morning starting at 10am in San Clemente by the pier! This is hosted by Our Watch with support from Freedom Angels, and I plan to be there to support those getting Baptized and publicly committing their lives to the Lord.

Again, this is not a Titus Ministries event, but a chance to support another Christian outreach program and be there for those taking this very important step in their lives. Our Bible study will take place this Sunday in Huntington Beach, at Lake Park at 10:30am. Can't wait!

We do not believe that Baptism is necessary for salvation (Romans 10:9), but it is certainly commanded (Matthew 28:19), and something every Christian should do as soon as possible after professing faith in Jesus Christ and putting their trust in Him.

Baptism is immersion in water and never "sprinkling" of water. The word βαπτιζω literally means "to submerge" or "immersion" (see Matthew 3:16). It is an open display of your born-again life into the Kingdom of God.

See you there!


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